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Why Water Filtration is so important

Why Water Filtration?

A rainwater filtration system is an important investment for the protection of your family and your home. It protects from particles like dirt and organic matter which cause discolouration, taste and odour to the water and contribute to corrosion and blockages of household appliances such as the dishwasher, washing machine and hot water service.

How does your rainwater become unsafe?

The problem starts at the rainwater collection point

Birds, possums and other wildlife leave behind unwanted deposits on the house roof and in the gutters which then contaminates the rainwater with nasty bacteria, colour, taste and odour.

Poor maintenance by the lack of cleaning house gutters creates contamination and discolouration of the rainwater supply. The water has to pass through the organic matter where it absorbs colour from leaves, gum nuts and pollen, this is referred to as tannin. These tannins remain in suspension in the rainwater leaving an unpleasant odour and coffee colour which can stain clothing, bath tubs and toilet bowls.


Contaminated water, leaves, mud and other pollutants enter the downpipes often into ‘wet systems’ on its way to your water storage tank. The water can stagnate between rain showers and breed bacteria. Often when the downpipes are drained out, the sludge has a putrid ‘rotten egg gas’ smell indicating the high level of rotting plant and animal matter, and subsequent biological contamination.


The sludge that enters the rainwater tank then settles on the floor where it further decomposes polluting the water and forming a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.


The worst contaminant for a rainwater tank is when vermin, possums, snakes, frogs or lizards that find their way into the tank through holes in the tank roof, un-screened down pipes or water inlets or overflow pipes. Dangerous levels of bacteria breed very quickly and before the homeowner is aware of the problem, it is often too late and infection of the whole family has taken place from consumption of polluted water.

It is strongly recommended that the rainwater tank be inspected and cleaned prior to the installation of a filtration system.

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